Henry Crown Award

The HENRY CROWN AWARD has been established as a permanent yearly award of the ACI Illinois Chapter to be presented to a distinguished member of the community who has made an outstanding contribution to the cement and concrete industry. The award, in addition to recognizing the recipient's professional excellence, serves to publicize the activities of the ACI Illinois Chapter and helps attract qualified individuals to the industry by increasing the public's awareness of those activities.

This recongition is to be awarded to a member of the local concrete community who has earned the esteem of his peers and colleagues, and who is judged to have contributed substantially to the status of the industry through satisfaction of one or more of the following:

a. Exemplary professional conduct in a specific outstanding instance;
b. An established reputation for professional service;
c. Objective and lasting achievement in improving the conditions under which the concrete industry is served in public and/or private practice;
d. Significant contribution toward improving employment conditions with the industry;
e. Significant contribution toward improving the professional aspects of education within the industry;
f. Professional guidance of students who would seek a career in the industry and professional development of young individuals in the formative stages of their careers; or
g. Other evidence of merit which, in the judgement of the Awards Committee, has advanced the professional objectives of the ACI Illinois Chapter.

The award consists of a wall plaque, a formal certificate, and a cash award made in the name of the recipient to his or her designated charitable or educational institution.

The Henry Crown Award has been presented to the following individuals:

1986 Edward S. Hoffman
1987 Walter H. Flood
1988 Eugene A. Dubin
1989 Harry Stavrides
1990 Paul Klieger
1991 Walter E. Kunze
1992 Armand H. Gustaferro
1993 John M. Hanson
1994 Daniel P. Jenny
1995 Jaime Moreno
1996 Norman L. Scott
1997 Dr. W. Gene Corley
1998 Eli Cohen
1999 Clyde Baker
2000 Dr. Surendra Shah
2001 William G. Hime
2002 Terry Murphy
2003 John Albinger
2004 Henry G. Russell
2005 Harold R. Sandberg
2006 James Kolakowski
2007 Dr. Anthony E. Fiorato
2008 Melvin Kirchler
2009 Michael Pistilli
2010 Donald F. Meinheit
2011 Michael J. Morrison
2012 Susanne L. Flood
2013 Kevin Mahoney
2014 Len Burkart
2015 Sidney Freedman
2016 Steven L. Gillen
2017 Randell Riley
2018 Walter H. Flood, Jr.
2019 George Seegebrecht